Invoice Discounting

Are you in need of extra working capital tied up by your unpaid invoices? Get your invoices paid now by discounting with us invoices for reputable companies/institutions fast and at competitive pricing.

We discount invoices of suppliers for supermarkets, reputable companies, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, NGOs and selected parastatals. We target suppliers for the above procuring entities who supply goods and services on credit after invoicing and waiting to be paid at a future date. We shall finance up to 80% of the invoice value to be repayable within 90 days in a bullet payment from the proceeds of the invoices.

We shall enable you to unlock business working capital from the unpaid invoices to enable you to meet your other financial obligations like servicing new orders or continuing current jobs. This shall enable your business to perform more jobs and therefore turn more volumes which result in your business growth.


  • Copy of the original invoice duly acknowledged by the procuring entity.
  • Delivery notes for the goods supplied.
  • Letter of assignment of the receivables executed by the procuring entity.
  • Latest bank statements for the business.
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