Check Off / Civil Servants Loans

Products under this scheme target the following:

  1.  Civil servants and TSC employees. 
  2. Employees of private companies that have an MOU with CITIZENS Credit.


  •  Original latest Pay Slip
  •  National ID,
  • KRA PIN Certificate,
  •  Colour passport photos. 
  • The borrower should have served the company for the last 6 months for private companies and 3 months for Civil Servants and Teachers.
  •  Confirmation letter/Appointment letter.

Applicable charges for the product

  • Processing fee 5% of the principal amount.
  • Loan guard 1% of the principal amount- use an insurance company that can offer a retrenchment rider
  • Loan form fee Kes.300
  • CRB fee Kes.300
  • Witnessing fee (legal)-Kes 400

NB: The legal fee should be paid before the loan application while the rest will be deducted from the principal amount.

  • The interest rate for the product should be 5% per month flat, for private companies and the maximum repayment period to be at 12 months.
  • For Civil Servants and teachers, the interest rate should vary with the repaymentperiod where the highest should be 5% for 1 year, 4.5% for 2 years, 4% for 3 years, 3.5% for 4 years and 3% for 5 years.

Appraisal and Check list for the Check off loan

  • CAMPARI to apply and ensure that the client does not exceed to 1/3 rule as per the labour laws.
  • Ensure that an MOU is in place for private companies.
  • At minimum 2 guarantors to sign the form.
  • Guarantors to provide their copies of Identity cards, KRA PIN and Passport photos.
  • Residential map for the guarantors.
  •  A signed authority to recover document signed by both the borrower and the confirming officials of the company where the borrower is an employee.
  • A chattel Mortgage to be filled in by the borrower for Private Companies.
  • Home visit for the client only, this should also apply for Private Companies only. Wecan exclude home visits for guarantors for civil servants. (In some instances, this is
  • Confirmation from the Human Resource department either in form of an email or ahard copy document.

Check off loans process flow

  • Check the payslip to determine if they qualify the amount requested.
  • If they qualify, then immediately engage the Human Resource to check if the borrower is in good standing in the organization and that they can commit to undertake repayments for the loan.
  • The Human Resource can confirm in writing via email or through a hard copy document.
  • Once confirmed the clients fills in the application form and provides all the KYC documents. The client pays for witnessing fee of Kes.400.
  • Home visit is done by the appraising officer and then the photos of the home visit shared.
  • Booking of the loan done with the Finance/ Human Resource department.
  • Disbursement done and the client is issued with the cash voucher.